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In this introductory post, I want to briefly touch on a couple key aspects of our FI journey.

Be on the SAME PAGE

Marry well, but if it’s too late be on the same page as far as your financial goals. This leaves no room for his money vs. her money or separate bank accounts with no shared access. 

My wife and I have been pursuing Financial Independence (FI) for several years. Since our marriage, we have gone from a -$130,000 net worth to over $1.5M in low cost index funds and real estate.

This was only possible by the grace of God and a shared vision for the future.

Raising FIRE proof kids

My wife and I have a young family with three amazing children ages six, eight, and ten.

Intentional parenting – Our first son was born as we were working to get out of debt and our last was born as we started the FI journey. Through it all, we have been very intentional with our kids as we prepare them for the transition over the next year to a life of full time international travel.

Given the context, I should mention all three of our children are excellent with money. This is in part due to us actively using those teachable moments in life to help shape them into people of character, integrity, and financial maturity.

We didn’t wait until they were “old enough” to fully grasp the concepts. This type of shaping and course correcting is best served early and often.

The way we see it, if they’re old enough to be potty trained (ahem… that’s 18 months) they’re old enough to start learning personal finance concepts! We just do it in an age appropriate way. In this blog, we’ll share with you exactly how we did it.

We believe it’s just as important to address the relational and behavioral topics as it is the financial. For us to reach our goals, it’s best if we’re aligned as a family unit and if we have everyone aspiring to the same end!

Talk to us! – Let us know in the comments, if there are any specific topics you would be interested in future posts. We look forward to exchanging ideas on raising kids that embrace this lifestyle we’re building.

Be sure to bookmark this site as we very much hope you will engage with us as we journal this next phase of our FI journey!

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Mr and Mrs Life on FIRE have gone from a negative $130k net worth to over $1.5M. We have helped a number of our friends and family get on track with their finances. As we are in the final leg of our early retirement journey, we have launched this blog to share are our experiences more broadly. Currently, we are blogging anonymously but look forward to doing a big reveal late 2020!
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