My wife and I have been pursuing Financial Independence (FI) for several years.

Since our marriage, we have gone from a -$130,000 net worth to over $1.5M in low cost index funds and real estate.

This was possible by the grace of God and a shared vision for the future!

We I have a young family with three amazing children ages six, eight, and ten.

In 2020, we plan to start a new adventure of full time international travel.

We post topics ranging from financial independence to life hacks that we have found useful along our journey.

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Mr and Mrs Life on FIRE have gone from a negative $130k net worth to over $1.5M. We have helped a number of our friends and family get on track with their finances. As we are in the final leg of our early retirement journey, we have launched this blog to share are our experiences more broadly. Currently, we are blogging anonymously but look forward to doing a big reveal late 2020!